Our Company

Span Energy have over 20 years experience in the technology and telecommunications industry and have been the leading experts in the LED market for the last 3 years.

Our company is at the forefront of LED innovations, providing energy efficient, intelligent lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor, commercial and residential applications. Our LED Lighting solutions are efficient, robust and clear which helps with environmental issues such as the reduction in energy consumption, carbon emissions and light pollution. We have secured contracts with the one of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting products, to ensure the highest quality, light output and reliability in the industry. The Key to the expansion has been to secure unlimited finance not only for the company but for the client. through BNP Bank and private equity funding. We can now offer 100% conditional financing to large corporate and government bodys. Simply put 0% down the balance paid over 12, 18 or 24 months subject to status, For Private company’s we offer 10% deposit balance paid after the 3rd month in 9 equal payments. minimum order of 30,000 GBP/EUROS

Our Products

Our products have the latest technology in energy saving lighting with up to 90% lower energy consumption then normal lights as well as minimal radiated heat generation and 10 times longer lifespan than standard halogen bulbs Halogens bulbs less than 100w are no longer available..

The company’s branded iSpan® light sources have been pioneered to combine the brightness of conventional lighting with the low emission output, long life and state of the art sharp white light from 3000k to 6500k. The product line includes lighting solutions for, roadways, car park, sports arenas, streets with UGR ratings of less then 19. Office building panels lights , commercial track lighting, and Retro fit tubing with lumen ratio to watts now at 175/w . Our commercial Flood/apron-lighting with sizes up to 4000 watts producing 720,000 lumen with UGR of 17. is particular suitable to airports, car-parks and street lighting

Span Energy provides a full personalised and unique solution with first class warranty and technical support service for our customer’s peace of mind and assurance.

Our factory’s are specialists in each field with over 80,000m2 in total of manufacturing area combined. all are partners are regularly visited and inspected and have some of the best working conditions in the industry.

Warranty’s are simple.

Minimum 3 years to 6 years.on all parts.

Term in usage, a typical commercial stores lighting is on for 4,600 hours per year – 46,000 hours over 10 years

Life expectancy of LED component is up to 50,000 hours. .

Our Mission “Keeping it simple”

Our core aim is to provide our clients with the best product, strongest customer service possible and to take the complexity out of buying your LED bulbs, whilst lending the way in the reduction of the global CO2 emissions. “keeping it simple”