LED Benefits
There are numerous advantages of LED lighting products, which have a greater degree of reliability, durability, longevity, ease of operation, and energy efficiency over conventional bulbs. LED light bulbs can last anywhere from 25,000 up to 100,000 hours of service life, while providing tremendous energy savings over conventional incandescent light bulbs, Halogen bubs destined for phase out by 2018, along with compact fluorescent lights CFLs. Modern LEDs are four times as energy efficient as CFLs, and turn on to full brightness instantaneously. There is no need to wait a few minutes for a bulb to warm up. LED lights can be recycled in a safe manner, because unlike compact fluorescent lights, LEDs do not contain Mercury, or any other harmful materials.

Our iSpan LED lighting also offers superior illumination, meaning you need fewer light fixtures to light the same area, whilst producing a bright clean white light. This provides better colour-definition and increased visibility. In addition to this LED’s illuminate all corners of the building by focusing the light, this allows maximum productivity in any industrial or commercial environment and improves the display of products in a retail setting.


Why LEDs?

  • Huge operational cost savings including lower maintenance, reduced number of lights required and fully warranted and weatherproofed units.
  • Reduced power consumption by up to 80%, therefore dramatically reducing your energy bill with better lighting for fewer watts.
  • A brighter, cleaner ‘white light’ compared to conventional lighting which can emulate natural daylight and improve visibility allowing for a safe and secure environment. Ideal for CCTV covered areas.
  • No light pollution – direct coherent light source with a high contrast at low levels and zero light overspill.
  • Useful to provide lighting where no main supply exists like walkways and park areas by using solar.
  • LEDs are much more environmentally as they are UV and toxin free reducing the harmful emissions and removing all of the recycling constraints attached to traditional fluorescent lighting.
  • Self contained units that require minimal maintenance.